In the Community

We have great FUNdraising options to help your school, group, or organization raise money for a great cause! Below are listed fun Color Me Mine options with a short description.      

  • The Art of Auction: Our auction fundraising option allows you to buy a ceramic piece from our studio--common picks are pitchers, vases, cookie jars, ceramic tile trays, tile coffee tables, nightstands, and even mirrors. Your group or school class "sponsors" the item by painting it. For example, you could paint each child's name on the piece as well as their grade and teacher! At your next auction event or school function, auction off the fired & glazed ceramic piece at a higher price. Last year, a school in Salt Lake City sold a tiled chest in an auction for over $2000. The options are endless!


  • Great Tile Wall: The Great Tile wall can become a beautiful addition to your school building. Color Me Mine will sell tiles to your school at a bundled, discounted rate. Your school will then sell the tiles at an increased price to the parents, families, and friends of the schoolchildren (for example, between $25-$50). In a sense, the purchasing family members are "sponsoring" their schoolchild to paint a permanent tile for the Great Tile Wall. They can purchase as many tiles as they want their schoolchild to paint! Not only will the profits start rolling in, but the children will be excited to see their finished artwork as part of the school.


  • Paint for Profit: We will designate certain days at our studio as "Paint for Profit" days for your group. We will also supply your group with fliers that you can print to pass out to anyone and everyone you know. On your appointed "Paint for Profit" day, those who have a flier that represents your organization can bring it in to Color Me Mine to paint. We will collect the fliers and award your organization $5 for every person who paints their own piece. There is no limit, so feel free to tell everyone about your fundraiser!


FUNdraising Programs for Everyone
Since Color Me Mine opened its doors in 2002, our studio has been a favorite destination of children and families in Utah County. We love being involved in our community, so don't hesitate to call us today--we'll find the right FUNdraising option for you!